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Introducing our new coffee blend – Espresso Botero

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Espresso Botero employs a team of dedicated professionals in the areas of sales and training, Gallery technical service, roasting and quality control.

Espresso Botero has a state-of-the-art roasting facility, roasting weekly on a Brambati fully automatic roaster ensuring the highest level of consistency.

Espresso Botero is built on a quality offering, and it is this quality and level of professionalism that has now found itself in our Restaurant.

There are many factors to creating a beautiful consistent cup, including the skill of the roaster, the roasting equipment, the masterful blender who knows
that a percent of this or that here or there makes a big difference, but the short and simple answer is purely this, ‘Good green bean tastes good

They select great beans from the finest estates. In doing this most of their work is done, what is left is to skilfully blend the coffees to arrive at a cup with definition, richness and a lovely aftertaste that is complete and satisfying.

Come in and try our newest coffee & let us know what you think?

We could not be more happy with the service that team Botero offers & the quality and taste of the  coffee they produce.





Espresso Botero  Shelly, Espresso Botero, updating & training some of our wonderful staff.

drop into their head office 277 River Street Maclean 2473 next time your passing.


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